What’s your problem? Problems shape your future

Mar 14, 2017

The more problems you have the more you have to be thankful for, for each of those problems are shaping the you of tomorrow


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably whined and moaned about the problems you’ve faced. That is entirely normal human behavior.


What are problems?


Problems are what we perceive as holding us back from achieving that which we think we ought to achieve.


I challenge you to look at it another way. (Truth be told, I challenge myself to this on an ongoing basis, and I continue to be challenged by it…)


Problems are there to help us learn. Each problem that we have faced, up to this point, has built us into the person that we have become, and each problem that we will face, will make us the person we will eventually become.


Looking at our problems this way, makes it difficult not to give thanks for our problems. For instance, I’m pretty sure I would be a much lesser person if it weren’t for many of the problems that I had to face, come to terms with, and overcome.


My biggest problem…


If it weren’t for the problem of having to balance that lawyer’s income with time with my family, I would never have found a way to run a successful home business. Picture being stressed, working 18 hour days, to provide a life that I believed that my family deserved, and coming home to a family that was unhappy with me. That was a problem. I must admit that in my mind I hoped and prayed for more understanding. But in my heart, I knew that was not the solution.  And that was not the solution, because my family was not the problem!


The problem was that I wasn’t as home any where near as much as I needed to be. And once I had properly identified the problem, I could solve it.  In this case it was by getting educated on online businesses, and then starting one.  That problem shaped me into who I am today – a successful home business owner with a business that replaced my lawyer’s income within 6 months, and a home business coach with over 100 students world-wide, showing people how I did what I did.  The exact blueprint I used is available by clicking here. You would work with both my mentor, Stuart, and me to achieve that same success.


Properly identify the problem…


Notice I said “properly identified the problem…”. If I had thought the problem was with my family not being understanding, and tried to change that, I would have completely missed the plot. I would have gone down the route of bitterness. Properly identifying the problem involved looking at my situation, rather than finding something or someone to blame, and examining it with the faith that all these problems are there for my benefit and growth.


So, if you think you have problems – be thankful for them. Because once you can see the problems for what they is, even without you doing anything except to survive those problems, they are refining you, making you into the person you are going to be tomorrow.

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