The Shortest Path To Succeess

Oct 25, 2016

Life often throws storms and curve balls at us. Mostly, those are just distractions, making you detour. Learn the shortest path to success here.


Everything could be going perfectly, and life could just be plain sailing.  Your path to success seems clear.  Did I say path to success, at this point, it seems more like the highway to success!


And then one day, a storm hits.  All of a sudden, our boat is being tossed about in the waves.  Less experienced sailors will be rolling with the waves or trying to fight them.  The path to success suddenly seems like it’s vanished, or it’s at least twice the length, having to zig zag (or as sailors say, tack) through the stormy seas.


But the experienced ship captain know that the surest, safest, shortest, way to shore is to keep his eye on the lighthouse.  And so it is with your path to success.


There are many lessons in that for whatever success we hope to find in life.  Be it in business, in relationships, or wherever it is you are currently looking for success.  If you can keep your eye on that lighthouse, your path to success is sure.


Let’s look at that boat…


The boat is currently underway.  It’s been plain sailing, and it’s headed towards its destination.


But then a storm hits.  I’m sure we all know how that feels.  That must be one of the most disconcerting feelings known to man.  What happened to that security we felt when we were plain sailing?  How did that all go away so suddenly.


At that point, like the inexperienced sailors, we instinctively try to fight the situation.  But we can’t go up against the waves, and we can’t go up against the storm.  And most of the time, the waves and the storm are just ‘noise’ or distractions in our lives.


On my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve been there.  And I’ve acted in both ways.  I’ve fought the waves, which often resulted in wasted time and resources.  When I ignored the noise, and just kept my eye on my goal that was when I got to my destination the fastest.


I reached my goal of time and financial freedom within 6 months of starting my business…


And I will share my success blueprint with you right here.


What are your goals?  What are you struggling with today?  How is it getting in the way of your success?  Is it noise or something that you can’t ignore?


Keep your eye on that lighthouse.  You’ll get there sooner than you think.


And if there’s anything you need, please reach out.  I’m happy to speak with you, and sometimes just having someone there to tell you not to look at the waves, can help you focus on your goal.

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