Learn From Your Mistakes: The Foundation of Succeess

Nov 1, 2016

Allowing yourself the opportunity to learn from your mistakes gives you a solid foundation upon which to succeed


I was watching a documentary this afternoon about how a couple of researches are working to find a way to identify sharks swimming below the surface of the water.  What struck me was the lesson there to learn from your mistakes.


Current technology is not able to identify sharks that are swimming more than 3 metres below the surface, and so deep swimming sharks cannot be easily identified, and this means that shark alerts cannot be given to swimmers in a way that will allow them to get out of the water ahead of any shark attack.


So researchers came up with an ingenious way of identifying the colours of the sharks and using technology to ‘see’ that colour through the sea water.


So they made model sharks and painted them the colour that they wanted to identify.  These model sharks were placed more than 3 metres below the surface.


They tried many times to fly past, and to ‘see’ that shark.  But each time they flew past, that shark was no-where in sight.  But this is what they said each time they ‘failed’ – every time they flew past and saw nothing, they learnt something.


And so the ability to learn from your mistakes is so important in the business that we’re in…


Many come, hoping for riches untold in a short amount of time with very little work.  It’s unfortunate, but we’re easy to mistake for a get rich quick scheme.


The reason that this business has produced so many success stories, is that the industry is in its infancy and experiencing massive growth.  Those who get in at this time, and ride the growth, like in any other industry, are well rewarded.  But because it’s in its infancy, this industry is also new to many people.  And like all things that are new, takes learning.


And so I tell my team this, like the fly-bys that see no sharks, there are no failures – every time you don’t get what you want, or expect, you learnt something.  The ability and mindset to learn from your mistakes is so very very important.


Like the team spotting sharks, you will eventually hit the right formula.


And many do.  But many also give up before they do.


Push through your barriers today, allow yourself to learn something new and be a part of this new growth industry.  Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes.  We have coaches and mentors working alongside you to pick you up if you fall.  This is the exact system I used to find my time and financial freedom.  Try it out today for FREE.



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