Imagination: The Mother Of Invention

Nov 15, 2016

Imagination is the most powerful tool in your success arsenal. All of us have it, but most of us have been taught not to use it.


Your imagination is powerful. Using your imagination could be the one thing that leads you to success, and not using your imagination could cause you to just follow, and settle for less than your best.


Everything starts in the imagination…


Here’s why I say this. Look around you. What do you see? You’re probably reading this off a computer screen, mobile phone, or tablet. Where did any of these start? Or that keyboard that you type on, or even a paperclip, a ball point pen or a zipper… they all had their beginnings in the same place – someone’s imagination.


From having imagined it, they figured out how to build it, and they built it. Without having first imagined it, they would never, and could never have built it.


As children, we used our imagination all the time…


We played with our imaginations, told stories about kings and castles. And yet, as adults, we’re told that our imaginations are day dreams, not worthy of further thought, and a waste of time.


When I started my business, I was told by most people that I was day-dreaming. Crazy to give up a successful legal career that I had built for 20 years! I had a job that paid well, a top management position in one of Singapore’s largest global brands, and an index stock of the Singapore Stock Exchange.


I imagined my perfect life…


But my imagination showed me a life that was much better than what I had. A life where I had time to spend with my family, time to serve my community and church. And a life where I was financially free. In most people’s minds, having time to do all these things means having to give up financial abundance. But my imagination told me that it was possible to have both.


But I wanted more. I imagined, and prayed for a position, and not a job. A position where I could reach and share my opinions and faith with people around the world.


Under a year from the time I started imagining this, I have all 3…


I have time and financial freedom, and the ability to send out an email, or shoot a video, and reach thousands around the world.


This is no longer a day dream. This is my life. But it started with my imagination. Without imagining it, I could not have prayed for it, and built it. It’s only when you see it, vividly in your mind, that you can start building it.


What do you want to build today? What are your dreams?


Let me know, and let me help you build your dreams.


Click here to start using your imagination to build your dream life today – we’ll be right alongside you, working with you each step of the way.


Be blessed!

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