How to become a successful entrepreneur? Dropout of school

Jan 24, 2017

To become a successful entrepreneur, one must be prepared to walk into a few walls while navigating the maze of business


Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that my most successful entrepreneur friends were also the ones who were least successful in school.


I always wondered why, and in my mind, had come to the conclusion that many of the would be entrepreneurs who weren’t good at school were successful because they could afford to take risks, after all, they had nothing to lose when the first started their business. On the other hand, I was a lawyer, and had everything to lose.


I was wrong. That was just my excuse.


It was something far deeper, that sets the successful entrepreneur apart. Something that I learnt only recently, and something that has allowed me to become a successful entrepreneur, building a six figure business within a year of starting my online business.


So, what is this secret to being a successful entrepreneur? Bear with me…


Schools are designed to create employees. How many times have you heard someone say “go to school and get a good job”. Schools train you to not make mistakes – the fewer mistakes you make the better a student you are. You get a job, and the fewer mistakes you make, the better an employee you are.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur is the exact opposite of that. In fact, the more mistakes you make, the more quickly you will become a successful entrepreneur. Think about this – an entrepreneur is paid for the value he or she adds to society – without adding value, an entrepreneur isn’t worth very much.


Now, the value you are adding is an unknown to society. If it were already known, you wouldn’t be adding value. And so, the only way to navigate this unchartered territory, is to get feedback from your surroundings. A successful entrepreneur knows this.


Imagine navigating a maze in the dark, the only way to progress is to move, hit a wall, and then learn from that, and move where there is no wall.


That is the single most important key to becoming a successful entrepreneur…


The more walls you hit the faster you get out of the maze. And if you never want to hit a wall, you’ll never progress.


I learnt this from one of my mentors at the Six Figure Mentors. Mentorship doesn’t prevent you from making mistakes or guarantee success. The correct mentorship will teach you how to learn from your mistakes, and provide you with the ability to learn and self-correct, so that you can become a success.


Having now mentored over 100 students, I’ve found that my most successful students are the ones who have taken this key on-board, and are now well on the way to becoming successful entrepreneurs themselves.


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Excuse me while I go convince my wife to let my kids drop out of school now…

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