Realize & Get Paid Your True Worth

Nov 29, 2016

Getting paid your true worth as an employee is impossible. The only way to get paid your true worth is to let the market tell you what it is. The surprising thing is everybody’s true worth is more than their salaries, they just don’t take the step for find that out for themselves.


As I made the transition from being an employee to being a business owner, one of the difficult things to come to terms with was that I had spent many years being ‘ripped off’.  I concede that ‘ripped off’ may be too strong a word.  Perhaps not realizing my true worth would be a better way of putting it.


I was earning a good wage, and please don’t get me wrong – even as I write this, I am exceedingly grateful for the employment and the good wages earned over the years.  But my eyes have been opened to something lately, which I thought I must share.


My business is currently growing rapidly…

…and I find myself having to either outsource work or to employ a team to do certain aspects of work for me.  As a business owner, I would choose the option that costs me less.  Therefore, I would outsource this work, unless employing someone costs me significantly less, because employment becomes a fixed cost for me.


Also, the value of the work of any employee must exceed that of the employee plus the portion of my other fixed costs, in order for the arrangement to be viable in the long term.


I therefore chose to outsource to people that that Singaporean teen that Donald Trump outsourced too.  (Check out my last blog post for that story.)


An outsourcing arrangement allows me to benefit from their work while paying a fair rate (I don’t want to short change anyone of their true worth)…

…and the person providing the service can provide their services to as many people as they want, thereby earning their true worth.


Looking back, I marvel that as the head of legal in several large organizations, sitting in management, I never saw that.  I was given access to the companies’ numbers but somehow I never saw that I wasn’t being paid what I was worth or my true worth, because no company would or could ever pay you, me or anyone else for that matter, our true worth.


I’m glad to see that the trend of outsourcing is growing, and as people move into self-employment, more and more people will begin to realize their true worth.  It could be painful at first, as it was for me.  But in the long run, being paid your true worth is fulfilling to you as a person, as well as being more financially rewarding than having to carry the cost of other fixed costs of your employer.


I thank God daily that my transition from employee to a successful entrepreneur has been a fairly short one…

…I’ve figured how to make this system work for me in a very short time – as if to prove the point of this post, it took me only 6 months to replace my lawyer’s income which took me 20 years to build.  And I’m looking for people to work with personally, who are prepared to do what it takes to make this a reality for themselves, and realize their true worth.


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