How to turn any failure into feedback with 3 simple questions.

We’ve probably heard this before. Winners turn failure into feedback. That’s a great mindset to have, and by doing this, you’re benefiting from failing and not letting it get the better of you.

But one of the things I’ve been told over and over again, is that this is so much easier said than done. Especially when you’ve “gotten feedback” for the 10th time in a row, and nothing you do seems to work.


One of the things that I’ve found really helps our students turn failure into feedback, is keeping these 3 questions in mind.

Turn Failure Into Feedback Question 1

The first question is “what can I positively learn from this?”

This is a great question to help you focus on turning failure into feedback, because it puts you in a mode where you’re pushing yourself to start thinking about learning. The reason the question is qualified with the word “positively” is that over time, we’ve found some students who learn, but put what they’ve learnt negatively. For example, when learning to run Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click advertising, some of our students positively learn to refine their keywords, and other “learn” that certain keywords are just not for them. We’ll deal more with this at the third question.

Failure Into Feedback

Failure Into Feedback

Turn Failure Into Feedback Question 2

Now the second question is “what can I do to solve this right now?”

The reason the question is phrased this specific way, is to convey a sense of urgency. We’ve noticed that some of our students think about solving the problems they are facing, but defer the problems until their next coaching calls. While the coaches are there to help you solve your problems, you’re best served by using the coaches time more strategically – to help you work out your strategies, and for you to pick their brains on things that you can’t google. Most problems have solutions on Google or YouTube.

Turn Failure Into Feedback Question 3

Finally, the third question. Now this question is one that you must remember NEVER to ask if you are serious about wanting to learn to turn failure into feedback. And that question is… “why me?” or any question that makes it personal, or about you.

When addressing the first question, I said that some of our students think that certain keywords don’t work for them, and I said I’ll deal with it here? Well, they’ve just made the failure of the keyword about them. It wasn’t about them. It was about how they implemented it, and if the keywords didn’t work, then that’s just the market telling them that there’s no traffic there.

Put these 3 questions in their proper place, and you’ll see how you start finding that you are effortlessly turning failure into feedback, and finding one success after another.

I learnt this while leaving my past life as a corporate lawyer behind, having been one for the last 20 years. I was used to finding legal solutions for my clients, but finding marketing solutions for myself was something that was completely new to me.

But after I learnt this from my coaches at the SFM, there was no looking back. Mindset issues are just one of the many things that are dealt with in detail by the SFM coaches. Everything you need to succeed is built into the system. You need to be open to the changes and to do the work.

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