Is Doing Your Best Good Enough?

Oct 13, 2016

Is doing your best ever good enough? Many have said ‘yes’, what more can you do. But doing your best is often an excuse, a limiting belief that holds us back from our true potential.


Today I shot this video to hopefully answer the question of whether doing your best is really good enough.


The school exam season is just over in Singapore, and with my new entrepreneurial, we can do anything mindset, there were some arguments at home over whether or not kids just ‘doing their best’ in exams was really the thing we should be telling them.


I’ve told myself ‘just do your best’ many times before. But on hindsight, I see clearly that all I’ve done there is given myself permission to fail.


 Is Doing Your 'Best' Enough?


I decided I needed to have more out of life. And so, I had to change things.


In order to change things, I needed to do something I have never done before – in order that I may have something I never had before, time and financial freedom at the same time.


So I learnt a new skill and nearly gave up several times before getting to this point. But I had mentors and coaches to help me on my way. And now, with my renewed mindset, I believe anything is possible for anyone who puts their mind to it. And yes, you can have both time and financial freedom.


I achieved this by going past what I thought was my best. And honestly, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You just need someone to show you how.


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Start taking action today.

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