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Nov 3, 2016

Time is one of the most precious things we have. It’s the one thing you can never get back.


And so we’ve learnt to prioritize. We prioritize the things that we think are important. For example, I used to prioritize going to work, where I’d trade something irreplaceable – my time – for something with perceived value that is replaceable – money.


We’ve been taught that that’s right thing to do, go and work hard, long hours for a wage. But time and money are completely delinked. You don’t need to trade your time for money any more, once you’ve learn how to properly use the SFM system to start generating income. You’ve probably heard Stuart talk about that ad nauseum, so I won’t go into that any further.


Once people hear about this, most are interested. The thing is, many say that they have ‘no time’ to do this. Ironic isn’t it.


What I’ve learnt is that when I say I have no time to do something, what I usually mean is that I have not time to do THAT one thing. And all that means is that I’ve not prioritized it.


We all have 168 hours a week. Most of us spend at least 40 hours working, some like me, 60 hours. Healthy adults need 7 hours of sleep a day so that’s 56 hours a week. And let’s say to spend 5 hours a day commuting, eating, and doing other household things, that’s another 35 hours. Leaving you 17 hours if you worked 60 hours and, a whopping 37 hours if you worked 40 hours instead of 60! That’s almost a whole work week of time!


What can you do with 37 hours a week? LOADS.


What is the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do that you never had time for? I tried to create a list of those and to be honest, 37 hours a week couldn’t cut it. And so I had to find a way to find more free time. I tried sleeping less by waking up early to exercise. But how much less can you sleep? I tried everything except working less, because that was my priority. And who knows where those 37 hours really went?


But once I made up my mind to start learning to stop trading my time for money, and making good use of that 37 hours, I did find that it was enough to start my new business. In fact, within 2 months of starting I had managed to quit my job. But if I had never learnt to properly use those 37 hours, the additional 40 hours I had would just have been squandered as well.


So, if you’re wondering if you have enough time to get this going, the answer is that you do. And once you can manage that amount of time, and get this business started, you will truly find yourself having much much more time.


It’s the principle of being trusted with the small things, once you can be trusted with that, you’ll be trusted with lots more.


So stop thinking that you don’t have time to do whatever it is that is important to you – choose to take action today.

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