How A Community Of Entrepreneurs Saved My Business On Easter

Apr 4, 2018

Entrepreneurship is often regarded as a lonely journey. But not when you have a community of entrepreneurs helping each other. This is how a particular community of entrepreneurs saved my business on Easter 2 years ago.


Easter is a time of new beginnings.


It is the most important celebration in the Christian calendar, and in the northern hemisphere a time that coincides with spring.


For me, Easter always signifies a “reset”. A chance to look at things in a new way, or to do something new.


2 years ago, when I first started learning about starting my own online business, I did an Easter “reset” with my accountability partner from our community of entrepreneurs.


I first signed up for a course to learn about starting an online business on Valentines’ Day 2016. I knew nothing about selling anything at that point, and over dinner, my wife wanted me to sell some of my collection of guitars.


While “googling” how to sell guitars online, I came across an advertisement saying that I could learn to sell anything online, and so I signed up.


It turned out to be a course on starting an online business, and that very course, within 6 months, got me to a point where I had fully replaced my lawyer’s income*. 6 months may sound like a short time, but truth be told, when you’re putting in the work trying to get things going, 6 months felt like a really long time. So doing that “reset” took was something I needed to think long and hard about.


One of the hallmarks of the course I was taking was something called the “90 Day Blueprint Challenge”. It is a blueprint to start an online business from scratch, within 90 days.


Roughly 2 months into the challenge, when I thought I had most of the important parts of my own online marketing system set up, I realized that things weren’t going the way I had hoped.


As I said, it was really hard to decide to do things over, but the wonderful thing about doing this challenge as a part of a community of entrepreneurs on the same journey, is that I could turn to the community for guidance and views.


Early in the Blueprint Challenge, I had made a couple of friends, one of whom journeyed with me during the 90 days. As my accountability partner, I asked him his views on me doing an Easter “reset”.


At that point, he felt his marketing needed a reset as well, so we did that together… In fact, while I was based in Singapore, and he Australia, that morning we exchanged messages, both calling it “our Easter reset”!


The point of saying all of this, is that if it weren’t for a community of entrepreneurs, who are all like minded, and working towards the same goals, that reset may never have happened, or it may have been the end of my business, and I would have just gone back to being a lawyer.


That’s what makes the SFM so special for me. It’s the training that helped me break out of the corporate life. But more than that, it’s the community that drives each one of us to even greater success.


So, if you’d always thought about wanting to start your own online business, but were afraid of the lonely road to success, I urge you to submit your application to join our community of entrepreneurs today. You’ll need to fill up a form, as we want to make sure everyone on board is commonly motivated. You’ll never go it alone on your journey to greater success.


* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.