Chinese New Year: Taking Stock Of My Growth

Jan 26, 2017

Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings, and catching up on personal growth in the year gone by – I left my lawyer’s job for the world of internet marketing – it’s going to be interesting…


Chinese New Year is celebrated in Singapore, and around the world by the ethnic Chinese population this weekend, and for a whole 15 days after.


It’s a time of merry making and feasting, where the family and extended family get together. For many, this annual event is a way of keeping in touch. Family members who don’t ordinarily see each other make time to meet over meals, and the eating goes on all day, for days.


This would be my first Chinese New Year where I am no longer a lawyer…


I come from a family of lawyers and so I will be approaching the Chinese New Year ready to answer questions on what I’m doing for a living now, and how and why I left the legal profession behind.


An additional challenge is that my chosen industry, internet marketing is marred by ‘get rich quick’ schemes and the like, some of which border on, or are just downright illegal!


Thankfully, I will be able to answer all of these questions with more than an airy-fairy statement. In fact, I have complete conviction in the work I do.


I’ve now built a business on a firm foundation with regular cash-flow, and one which has more than replaced my lawyer’s pay check…


… But better than that, it’s a business I’m passionate about. A business where once you get me started talking about, it’s really difficult to get me to stop.


And that’s because this business is incredibly satisfying. I get to work with and actively help people build their businesses from ground up. In the short space of under a year, I’ve worked with over a hundred people, advising them on the steps to building a successful online business, and sharing with them the exact steps I took that made my business take off in months.


Not many people find that kind of satisfaction. And when you do, your business actually feels effortless.


The joy I get from having learnt to write my own pay-check, and to not have to answer to a ‘boss’ any longer, as well as having all the time freedom to do the things that matter to me, are only surpassed by the joy of seeing that ‘eureka’ moment in the eyes of my students, when they ‘get it’, and seeing them build their own success.  Click here to experience this joy for yourself.


So, if you’re celebrating the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, have a fantastic 15 days of feasting and family time, and even if you’re not, I wish you all the very best in this Chinese Year Of The Fire Rooster!


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