Taking your first step in your business

Sep 6, 2016

We’re rounding off our goal setting series today.  With your goals set, and each step defined, will you take your first step today?

We’ve been on covering goal setting in the last couple of weeks.  If you’ve missed the earlier posts, you can get them here on earlier posts, this will make alot more sense after you’ve read that.  Today, we’re covering taking your first step up that ladder.

The Ladder

We’ve been using that ladder analogy to set our goals.

First that ladder must be on the right wall.  Meaning that goal must be ours, and not someone else’s.  I asked you to visualize your ideal day to ensure that your goals are being set correctly.  Then we went into climbing that ladder, and how if you kept going up each step, you would get to the top.  And in our last post, we went into using SMART, to determine what each of the steps of that ladder will be.

Now with all that in place, all you need to do, is take a SMART step consistently, and you will get to your goals.

Simple.  We can all agree that it is an extremely simple plan.

But not easy.  Consistency is something that seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for my students.

The Choices

Each day we live, we make choices.  Choice is probably the greatest gift a man can have.

But what are we doing with our choices?  Are we choosing to take a step each and every day, to keep going up that ladder.  Or are we choosing to get distracted.  Let other people’s goals take priority over our own?

The Power Of Visualization

It comes back to visualization.  If you can visualize your ideal day, so clearly, you can feel how it feels, taste, smell and use all your 5 senses to be in that ideal day – I can assure you, you will keep taking those steps.

What I have used is also a trigger.  I wear a ring on a chain around my neck, and everytime I feel that, I remember why I need to get to my ideal day.  For my family.  And I did get to my ideal day.  Way sooner than expected.  Because when we’re at the bottom of that ladder, all we can see is the wall in front of us, and the long climb up.

The 120 Days

But I’m here to tell you that the climb is not as long as it seems.  I’ve just done it.

Reached my ideal days in 120 days of climbing.  Sure I got distracted, if not, it would have been 90.  In fact, from the time I just focused and did the work, it was under 90.

As someone who’s just done it, I’m here to show you the steps I took.  And if you like, you can take these steps too, and I will help you, each step of the way, to get to your ideal life.

The Action

If you want your ideal life, go get it! Your dreams without any action are just delusions.  They’re not going to happen unless you take action.

Start with that first step today.  This is the exact same system that I used to achieve my ideal day.  And for the first time ever, you can try it free today.  The ONLY DIFFERENCE is that I didn’t get to try it, I had to just go in and do it.  But you get to try it for free!

Over 23,101 students have benefited from this proven business system, the step by step training (you don’t need to be tech savvy), and the top level mentorship, that you get as a part of being a Six Figure Mentor student.

You owe it to yourself – try it free today.

See you on the other side!

the former attorney

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