Free & Easy: 2 Biggest Hurdles To Building An Online Business

Jan 19, 2017

Online culture, where there is the expectation that everything online must free & easy, are in this writer’s opinion, the 2 biggest hurdles to succeeding in building an online business


One of the biggest challenges with succeeding with building an online business, is the mindset that everything online must be free & easy – that is to say, either free or very cheap; and fun and easy to do.  Sadly, much of this is due to the culture or conditioning.


Building an online business to succeed is no different than building a traditional business to succeed…


…And to be honest, in all my years as a lawyer working with successful entrepreneurs, I’ve never heard of any successful entrepreneur describe a business, whether bricks and mortar or online, as free & easy.  Every successful business has had investment of time, money, and likely both.  And that applies to building an online business as well.


What an online business does give you, is the low overheads of not having to have a physical office, systems automation mean that you have much fewer staff, which all adds up to being able to start and successfully run an online business with much lower operating expenses than a traditional bricks and mortar business.


In addition, the very nature of the business gives you the flexibility to determine the hours during which you work and where you choose to work. There’s also the power of online marketing specific tools such as remarketing, etc, but that is way out of the scope of this article.


So, would anyone logically expect to be building an online business, or any other business for that matter, in a ‘free & easy’ manner, without any investment of time or money? I honestly don’t think so.


Now, the other aspect of the ‘free & easy’ mindset, and the other big hurdle in building an online business, that I’d like to address today, is that anything online must be fun and games…


Yes, we’ve taken building an online business, and stripped it down into really basic pieces which can be put together really easily. In fact, as a lawyer who’s done nothing but law for 20 years, I can tell you that building an online business in this way is not that challenging from a technical or even a business perspective. Building an online business with this blueprint is also a great equalizer where anyone who does put in the time and money can succeed – I have been successful in replacing my lawyers’ income in months, but one of my buddies was a truck driver turned online marketer, and is earning much more than any lawyer I know.


What building an online business does require from you is commitment – consistent effort put into the tasks that you need to do until you succeed.  With that, anyone who does not have a ‘free & easy’ mindset can succeed at building an online business.


And by that, I mean that building an online business is not just fun and games, and you can’t treat it like a hobby.  Of course it is fun, and it should be but like any other business, if you treat building an online business as a hobby, you’re business will reward you as if it were your hobby – it would take your time and money, and not return very much to you.


But, if you are prepared to do away with the ‘free & easy’, and invest time and money in the initial days of building your online business, then it is a business that has been extremely rewarding for me in many ways – it has been financially rewarding, it has allowed me the time freedom to do the things that I love, and it is incredibly satisfying working with like minded people from all over the world and watching them succeed, one step at a time, and celebrating each small win.


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