Are you ready to climb the ladder?

Aug 23, 2016

Today, we’re continuing our series on Goal Setting, and we will cover how you can take the steps to climb the ladder to achieve your goals.

In my last post, we said that you should only climb the ladder on YOUR wall. If you missed it, you can catch up with the last 2 posts on my Blog.

But really, what that means is that you need to make sure that your goal is set correctly, before you start taking action on it. Take action on your goals and not someone else’s.

We also said that a lot of people get frustrated after the climb that first step wondering why they can’t see the top of the wall.

Now that you’re caught up, you would have noticed that the ladder has many steps. And if you were climbing a real ladder, and not a non-proverbial one, you would not be getting frustrated after the first step. In fact, you would know that after you take that first step, there are a whole bunch of other steps to climb the ladder before you get to the top of that ladder, and see the top of that wall.

Climb the Ladder – An analogy

The reason I love this ladder analogy so much is that there’s so much truth built into it.
• You won’t reach the top if you take only one or two steps.
• If you take a step on consistently you’ll reach the top.
• Each step is small enough for you to take easily, even though the wall is impossible to climb without a ladder.

Now, if your ladder’s already on the correct wall, all you need to do is to commit to taking a step each day to climb the ladder, and you will reach the top.

But you need to commit to taking that step within the deadline. After all, a dream without a deadline is only a wish. Unless you put deadlines to it, you’ll never get to your target.

Having the deadline also helps you to make sure that you’re still on the right track. I had done some work in the aviation industry during my time as a lawyer, and one of the things that’s often said is that an aircraft goes off course numerous times each flight, but because the pilot keeps making small adjustments to get that aircraft back on course, you never hear of any aircraft landing at the wrong airports!

This Friday, I’ll send you something on driving yourself so that you get to your goals.

Get a ladder

But in the meantime, if you’ve not gotten yourself a ladder, get one. It’s only with a ladder, with clear steps that you will get to your goal.

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