3 Success Attributes – Live Your Ideal Life in 120 Days

Aug 30, 2016

Today we get back to talking about achieving your version of your best future – Your Ideal Day.  I will point out the 3 Success Attributes that I’ve observed, that drive our students success.


Before we were rudely interrupted by Robots wanting to steal our lunch, we had been on Goal Setting Series over the last couple of weeks.  And we had been using the ‘ladder’ as an analogy for Goal setting.  Catch up with these on my earlier blog posts if you’ve missed them.  Today, I want to point out the 3 success attributes that I have observed make our students succeed.


The first key point I made in this Goal Setting Series, was that the ladder should be on YOUR wall.  Meaning that your goals are yours and not somebody else’s.  And in my last post, I had said that as long as YOUR ladder is on YOUR wall, if you keep taking one step up, in accordance with deadlines, you will eventually reach the top of that ladder.


Where I see some students give up, is they take 2 steps up that ladder, and they get disenchanted because they heard all about the great things at the top of the wall, and they just can’t see the top from the second step.  Even if they know in theory that they will get to the top of the wall if they keep climbing, they are not able to motivate themselves to do that, until the learn the 3 Success Attributes.


Now, I’ve also seen many students succeed and get to the top of that wall.  And I’ve observed 3 Success Attributes that are the difference between those who make it and those to just stop at the second step and climb back down.


1.    Level of belief in the ladder

First, the ones who make it believe that the ladder works and that it’s on the correct wall.  Applying this to the real world – our students use the Six Figure Mentors business system.  We set their goals with them, to help them achieve their Ideal Day.  Those who succeed believe that the ladder actually works.  Which of course it does, otherwise, I would have gone back to being an Attorney.


But the ones who don’t believe that the ladder works, keep getting distracted by other ladders.  The ‘shiny object syndrome’ where an email that comes in talks about ‘how they can get to the top of their walls in 7 days with little or no work’, and they quickly abandon their ladders.


I’ve been down this same route myself, and been distracted, and I can now tell you that most of these are scams.  I’m so grateful for some of our leaders that had some harsh words for me then, and set me back on the right path.


We work with many students and have come across many ‘systems’, so if in doubt, please contact me for a free consultation.


2.    Level of accountability to themselves

Those who succeed commit to themselves.  We teach all our people to be leaders.  To be a leader means simply this – to have followers – if you don’t have followers, even if your door says CEO, that title doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.


Leaders are accountable to themselves, and leaders do 5 things daily.  In our system, we call this the DMO – the Daily Method Of Operation.  Those that do their DMO daily make it, and those who don’t, sadly fall by the wayside.  Some activities in the DMO, such as visualization and mediation may seem superfluous, and so it takes discipline to build that habit.


3.    Support of a community

Finally, the support of a community.  Without people supporting you up that ladder, you’ll be pulled down by your well-meaning friends and relatives.  People who love you and care about you, but don’t understand the ladder you’re on.  Form an accountability group.  People you can call when you’re down.  Some of my students call me.  Some call each other.  But at the Six Figure Mentors, we provide a community of like-minded people who are at the same stage of growth and development as you.  So you can grow together.


As the financial provision comes in, lifelong friendships are formed.  You’ll be amazed at the quality of people here.  Come try us out for free.  By the time you are done with the training, like all our students who followed through, you too will possess the 3 Success Attributes.


Now if you’re still not certain which ladder or business system is for you, let me invite you to try our business system.  Over 23,000 students have benefited from the done for you, proven business system, the step by step training (you don’t need to be tech savvy), and the top level mentorship, that you get as a part of being a Six Figure Mentor student.


To your future!
the former attorney

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