You have received an SMS from us because we noticed you have not completed your application questionnaire.  

You need to complete you application questionnaire to access your training.

To get to the questionnaire go to

If you need help with that, please email:

If you complete this questionnaire within 24 hours of the SMS, Tim has confirmed that you will be in his High Potential Students program.

Your next few steps…

1.  Log into SFM
– Fill out your application form (following the instructions above)
– Start Module 1

2.  Join Tim’s startup webinar?
– this is outside the SFM curriculum, but…
you’re specially invited, because Tim’s your mentor 🙂
– this will give you a really good grounding on what SFM is all about…
… so I look forward to seeing you there!
– when you register, make sure you select the correct time zone…
… and if the times don’t suit you, watch the last replay immediately
… (by selecting “Register Now” => “Select Date” => “Watch yesterday’s replay now” when you register)

If you have questions during the replay, just ask them anyway and Tim will reply to you by email. 

After the webinar (yes, even the replay) you’ll have access to Tim’s personal calendar where you can arrange to speak with him 1 on 1.

3.  Arrange to speak with your Personal SFM Consultant…
–  All consultants’ contact details are in your SFM back office 🙂

4.  And mostly – Have fun!