Now that we’ve heard abit about the Middle Income Squeeze, what can we do about it?  What I did, was to look at some Home Business Options

When the reality of the Middle Income Squeeze hit me, I must say, it got me in a tailspin for a couple of years.  When I finally woke up to the fact that whinging about it wasn’t going to help anyone, I sat down and started looking at some home business options.

I’ve got to say, that many of them are ‘scammy’.  And that’s one of the reasons why I blog.  To help people like me, cut through some of the sales talk and get to what’s real.  I won’t go into the list of numerous websites that I’ve assessed and written off.  I want to be fair to the people who are trying to make a living out of those businesses.

Home Office Options

My New Home Office

What I will tell you, is that when I assessed my home business options, I wrote off the businesses that seemed “too good to be true”, particularly the ones that promised me money for nothing.  Then the next category I came across were the ones that required me to put money in certain derivatives, hoping that the underlying stock would move in one way or another.  These appear to be extremely popular at the moment, but for me, did not fit into my understanding of a home business.  And then I started assessing affiliate sales.  Now that started to look like a home business option to me.  You put in the work and added value, and got paid for the value that you added.  A proper home based business.  (Call me old fashioned, but I honestly don’t think anyone gets paid for value that they did not add or create.)

The only thing is, typical online affiliate programs pay $2-$10, or 2%-10% commissions.  So, if you managed to sell 100 books a month at $30 per book at 5% commission, that’s $150.  Honestly, it may be easier to use the tips I gave you yesterday, than to try to sell more than 3 books a day.

But, I was on the right track.  This was a real business.  I just needed to find the next step in its evolution.  Thankfully, the next thing I assessed was ‘high ticket’ affiliate sales.  In this category, $1,000 commissions are not that uncommon.  This marketplace is much less crowded, but you’ve still got to pick the right one.  So I did my research, and finally picked The Six Figure Mentors, for both my education, and for their business infrastructure.

What struck me, is that both the founders were successful in their own right.  They are not trying to get you to sell the products (unlike most of the others in this space), but are educating you, for you to go out and sell your products (or any one else’s).  You sell their products as a way to get started, thereby eliminating some variables that stand between you and your success.  We can get into that a little more — just arrange a call with me.  In the meantime, you can try this out risk free by clicking here to get started.

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