The first step to getting a better life is to take responsibility for it.

One of the biggest transitions I’ve made in my life, was changing mindsets from an employee’s to an entrepreneur’s.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to take responsibility for your own success. There are no more excuses. You can’t hide behind “my boss told me to do this”. If it doesn’t work, you don’t get paid. That buck just stopped with you.

Letting circumstances determine whether or not you succeed can no longer be good enough. At least not if you want to succeed. The moment you allow something or someone other than you, to determine if you will or will not succeed, you give the power of success to that something or someone. And if you don’t succeed, it’s so easy to blame that something or someone.

The other thing that’s happened, is that you’ve given up the power to respond to that obstacle, or to make the change for your own success.

Take responsibility for your life right now!

Take responsibility for your life right now!

Making that transition to being an entrepreneur was not easy. Especially an internet entrepreneur. I was in management, not IT. I was too old to learn a new skill. I just don’t have the time to do this, I’ve got to have family time! And the list goes on…

But it was something that I needed to do. I needed to do it for me, because I found out how much I was worth, and how I was being paid much less than I was worth. In order for businesses to profit, all our bosses have to pay us much less than what we’re contributing to the company. And most of us only contribute meaningfully 5 of the 8 hours we’re at our desks. Now if you do the math, even if you put in just 5 hours a day into your own business, you will be paid more than what you’re currently being paid.

Once you know that, the question is no longer “should I take the leap?”, the question becomes “how do I take that leap, and not fail miserably?” Mindset is 80% of the answer. The rest is technique.

Imagine your life as a success, driven by you. The answers to both mindset and technique are here. Hey it worked for me. This is a proven model that’s worked for many many others too. Give it a shot, click here for a free trial. And it’s a lifetime of change. Honestly, that was the best $29.95 I’ve ever spent.

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