How much time do you need to build your business?

Sep 8, 2017

Do you constantly struggle with needing more time? Would you like to build a business that gave you more time but can’t find the time? Here’s the solution.


Do you dream of having a future with a lot more abundance?  You noticed I didn’t say “time abundance” or “financial abundance”.


That’s because they go hand in hand.


I was brought up with the idea that if you have time, you’ll have no money, and if you had money you’ll have not time.  Essentially, with the idea of trading time for money.  I come from a family of lawyers, and lawyers love to say “time is money” because to a lawyer, it literally is!


However, there was a burning desire in me to have both time and money.  Back when I was a corporate lawyer, I dreamt of a future with time to do the things that mattered to me, but without having to cut back on the financial comforts that my family had become accustomed.


Rebalance your time and money equation…


The equation is fairly simple. If I kept working doing the same thing, I would keep getting the same pay. If I worked less doing the same thing, I would just get paid less.


The only way to achieve having more time with the same amount of money is to get paid more for the time that I spent working, so that I could work less.


Being in a job would never allow this. So, the only way to achieve that was to build a business where I provided more value. But let’s be real about this – building a business like that takes time.


It took me 6 months before I fully replaced my pay, and to do that while working from home, and have an abundance of time for family etc.


Many asked how I found the time to do this around a job, family commitments etc, and how much time I put in in those days.


If I’m allowed to be completely truthful, it wasn’t easy. Now, with that said, the math of finding more time is pretty simple.


We all have the same amount of time…


Let’s look at the amount of time we all have in a week – 168 hours. We all have that. None of us have more and none of us have less.


Using my experience as an example, I used to spend about 60 hours at work, sometimes more. I’d typically sleep for about 48 hours. So far, that’s a total of 108 hours, which still leaves me 60 hours to get a lot done!


What I chose to do with those 60 hours was to spend 3-4 hours a day on building a business for my future. That works out to between 21-28 hours a week, less than half of my “spare” time, meaning I still had time for my family!


I needed to give up TV time, some meaningless surfing of the internet, and a lot of “time wasters” like changing guitar strings more often than necessary, “noodling” on a guitar, and watching online reviews of the latest gadgets to buy!


Granted, you may work more than 60 hours a week, but shouldn’t that in itself be a wakeup call that you need to do something about your life?


As with all things, you need to know exactly what you have in order to get what you want. So if you want more time, work out how much time you truly have on your hands, and you’ll be sure to find some time to build a better future for you and your family.


If you want it badly enough, it’s there.



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