“Be, Do, Have” the Power

Jun 24, 2016 | Business, Business Training, Entrepreneurs, Online Business, Online Marketing, Success

I’m here to impart another of life’s secrets to achieving your goals and ambitions.  That is adopting the “be, to, have” mindset .

Have you heard of the “be, do, have” mentality?

It’s as simple as this – be what you want to be first, and do what a person in that position should be doing, and you cannot help but to have what that person has.

So for example, if you want that next promotion, say to CEO or a Vice President of Sales, then you need to start being that role, and doing what that person would do.  That way, you cannot help but have what that person has.  Or in your business, you want to break that 7 figure sales mark – look for a person who’s done it, then model them, do what they do, and you will have what they have.

Be Do Have

Be Do Have

Unfortunately, most people operate on the reverse of that.  They believe that they need to have first, then they will do, and finally the will be.  I’ll give you an example.  Someone wants to be a CEO of a company.  But he’s busy dreaming about it, thinking, he’s going to do this and that and make this change and that, WHEN he gets the job.  He wants to Have first.  Then he will do!  It’s backwards!

Now, this may be new to you.  But if it wasn’t you would have already achieved all your goals.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you already achieved all you want to in life.  The reason you’re here, is that you are looking to achieve more.  And I admire you for that.  I truly do.  You and I are really alike in that sense.  So, let me tell you this with the greatest of sincerity, until you start doing things that are new to you, until you start to “be, do, have”, you’re going to be right back in the same place where you are now, in a year’s time.  Time and tide waits for no one.

Start believing in yourself.  Start investing in yourself.  Today is the day that you need to take action to become the best version of yourself, by putting in your risk free (100% refundable) application.  Our coaches are masters of the “be, do, have”.  You will learn to have a whole new perspective on your life, and what you can achieve.

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