Business Success: 5 Simple Keys Revealed

Jul 1, 2016

Using these 5 ingredients can significantly boost start-up business success rates from under 20% to 90%


Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but were concerned about the not being able to achieve business success?  Most people I speak to tell me about their financial obligations, and just not being able to “afford” to fail.


Most of you who have been following this blog would already know me, but for the benefit of the others, I’ve been a lawyer for the last 20 years in Singapore, one of the finance and business centres of the world.


I’ve been on the investment committees of several multi million dollar funds, and invested millions, achieving returns of over several hundred million in 5 years.


I say this not to brag, but to let you know that, I’ve seen what makes companies drive business success, and more importantly, I’ve seen what makes companies fail.


* This is a genuine Business Tools & Training opportunity so no false promises.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, and so you need to put in the work to get the results.  Individual results will vary depending on the effort you put in. Please read the full Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


Well, I can tell you that given that your fear of business failure is not misplaced.


Half of all new businesses fail in the first year, and of those that survive the first year, a staggering 72% enter the “land of the living dead”, and become what investors call “zombie companies”. They’ll live on for another 4 years or so, burning cash, and worse than that, burning the time of the founders. Now, if you’re doing the math, that adds up to an 86% failure rate within five years of start-up.


Business success is indeed a rare commodity.  Franchises, on the other hand have a 90% success rate. But getting a franchise is basically buying yourself another job.

5 Secret Keys To Business Success Revealed


Now, what if there was a way to boost start-up business success rates to those of franchises. Well, there is. There are 5 things that all franchises have that start-up businesses don’t. And these are:

  1. Proven business model
  2. Business systems
  3. Training
  4. Mentorship
  5. Branding


If businesses had all of these from the start, they could conceivably boost their chances of business success to those similar to franchises.


Now, if you had all of these things, would you re-consider your decision, and start a business?


Let me be blunt about this. We will provide the Proven Business Model, Business Systems, Training, and Mentorship. We will even provide the Brand, but you can of course choose to build your own, and if you want to do that, we can help you with a Brand Incubator.


But you need to provide the winning mindset, the willingness to learn, and the effort. This is after all, your business. The rewards of owning a successful business are great!

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It really is that simple! If I can do it, anyone can.  So, don’t waste 20 years of your life like I did.


In fact, don’t waste another day!


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